How To Use A Lemon In Ten Ways

Aah the lemon…it is very fitting that my first blog post on this blog is about the lemon. It is the most basic and standard of all ingredients necessary in any kitchen, especially a healthy one. A spritz of lemon has a wonderful and profound effect on many dishes, adding bite, freshness, and life to whatever you’re making that tastes good, but it’s just missing something.

What a lemon can do will surprise you...
What a lemon can do will surprise you…

On Salads – Squeeze lemon over any salad as a finisher to add a bit of acidity and tartness. My favourite way to dress arugula is with lemon juice and fresh grated parmesan cheese.

On Veggies – Just squeeze over any steamed, sauteed, or roasted vegetable instead of adding unhealthy processed dressing or sauces to liven plain vegetables.

On Chicken, Fish or Seafood – Squeeze lemon on top of cooked chicken, fish or seafood to add juiceiness and bite, or add thin slices to frying pans or foil packets while cooking to add a bit of puckery sweetness.

In Cream Sauces – After taking it off the heat, squeeze some lemon and grate a bit of lemon zest into a rich cream sauce (35% milk fat or more). Savoury lemon cream sauces pair nicely with chicken, fish, seafood, broccoli, pasta and savoury crepes.

In Soup – Squeeze on any soup when you’re at a restaurant (unless you suspect there is milk or light cream in the soup)…it may sound weird but when you’re at a restaurant and you order soup that’s mediocre, this can really help it out.

In Tea – Squeeze a lemon then drop the squeeze into any tea, or make your own. My favourite tea (that will calm hunger if your hungry for no reason) is hot water, sliced fresh ginger, organic honey, and cayenne pepper (let sit for four minutes before sipping).

On Pasta or Pasta Replacement РSqueeze a lemon over pasta with a white cream sauce, or finely grate lemon zest over absolutely any pasta sauce for a surprisingly fresh element.

In Drinks – Squeeze in vodka, gin, or rum on the rocks (add a small bit of coconut sugar if desired). Swirl in the glass for 20 seconds and sip slowly.

In Water – Yep.

On Fruit – Fresh lemon juice will add a zip to fresh fruit salads of any kind, and it will help keep any sensitive fruits from turning quickly.

If you have discovered any awesome lemon ideas, I would love to hear them…please leave in the comments box below.

This post was inspired by my dear friend Diane, who pointed out an enlightening but so obvious fact, that “whatever a dish is missing, a little zip or bite or something, it’s a sure bet that all it’s missing is a little squeeze of lemon”.

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