The Incredible Edible Egg

Will meet your eggspectations...
Will meet your eggspectations…

Eggs as a whole often get a bad rap, because of how high they are in cholesterol; about 70% of your recommended daily intake, or 213ish milligrams. However, recent studies show that eggs do not have a significant impact on blood cholesterol levels, regardless of the high amount they contain.

Then there was the whole “don’t eat the yolks, they’re high in fat” thing, and egg white omelettes were everywhere. However, the saturated fat in an egg yolk is a mere 2 grams, and as long as you stay active, your saturated fat levels should be fine.

Finally, eggs are high in protein, containing 7 grams each. So whether to replenish your muscles after a workout or to maintain a healthy weight by contributing to a high protein diet, eggs are pretty much a go-to food.

My recommendations: Keep your egg intake to a dozen a week or less, and buy organic, grain-fed, free-range eggs. Eggs from chickens that are not free range or are not grain fed are a scary and weird yellow colour and eggs from a carton are processed.

And how can you eat eggs? Let me count the ways…no really they are good in, on and around so much stuff.

As A Binder: Eggs help bind things together with fluffy awesomeness. Think pancakes, salmon/crab/fish cakes, burgers, and anything else you don’t want to fall apart.

Salads: Whether hard-boiled and crumbly, medium-boiled and gooey, or soft-boiled and oozy, eggs on salads add a richness and can take over the role of extra dressing (in fact, a medium boiled egg and some Frank’s on a salad are often all I need).

On Chili and On Burgers: Yep, fried eggs are so so very good on chili and burgers (both of which are getting a lot of trendy restaurant attention right now, so stay away if you fear the hipster). Try it and you will not be disappointed-just fry at a medium temp in olive oil.

Stirred Into Soup: This is an old trick of my mom’s when we were sick and she needed to sneak some protein back into our diets, and it has stuck with me ever since. I will stir it into almost any soup for some full body. My favourite’s are chicken noodle soup (or non-chicken noodle soup) or any thin broth soup. For no reason whatsoever I avoid chunkier soups, but go for it if ya wanna. Bring the soup to a boil, add the egg while whisking with a fork (make sure it breaks), and remove from heat. The soup will look a bit creamier and will taste so good.

The Usual: Eggs as breakfast is a given, but is a wise decision at any time of day. Scrambled, fried, poached, benedicted, omeletted, and shakshura-ed, no matter the method, make and enjoy.

In Desserts: In custards, pavlovas, and meringues, eggs are a great, light, high protein way to enjoy the awesome flavour in fresh summer fruit…but this is a post all it’s own, that will come when I can get my hands on fresh, summer, Niagara fruit.

Do you have any ideas I missed?  How do you add eggs into your diet?

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  1. An idea fron our friend Diane (your namesake), Rice & Eggs -the best. Make a hole in the middle of a pan of rice, add egg, scramble, mix with rice. Yum, yum yum -serve with Tabasco sauce.

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