The White Evils

Meet the white evils:

-White flour.

-White sugar

-White-fleshed potatoes.

-White rice.

-High fructose corn syrup & other corn products.

-Margarine (and vegetable oil)

-Aspartame and artificial sweeteners

These foods are evil because they do evil things to sabotage your health and your weight.

To begin with, some of these items, like flour, sugar, and rice, have been bleached. That’s crazy. Think about what bleach does to your skin and your clothes. But the story goes that during the 50s someone somewhere decided that things looked nicer and cleaner when they were white. White cake. White bread. White pasta. White sugar in the sugar bowl. All picture perfect silent killers.

White starches like flour, potatoes, and rice essentially turn into sugar in your body. They’ll pump up your blood sugar levels, bringing your energy up then crashing you hard. They make you tired and sluggish.They make you irritable and moody.

IMPORTANT: Don’t be fooled by foods bragging about being whole wheat. Whole wheat flour is still processed. Many whole wheat products still contain white flour. Enriched isn’t like in elementary school where the enriched kids were smarter…enriched is bad 99% of the time when it comes to food. Whole wheat bread, flour, crackers, wraps….all these products are just as bad for you as their white counterparts.

While corn is a delicious vegetable when fresh off the cob, it is probably the least healthy of the vegetables. I won’t say don’t eat it, but don’t eat it every day. I would try to stay away from corn products as well. Farmers feed corn to animals to help fatten them up. It’s no different for you. High fructose corn syrup, on the other hand…avoid that like the plague. Corn syrup is found in sugary drinks and processed foods. It will wreck any health and weight loss goals you may have.It will spike your insulin levels, make you hungry, and can lead to all sorts of health ailments  like diabetes and heart disease. Again you will feel tired and sluggish after eating it, and can even mess with your mood, even as far as the day after consumption.

Margarine is pretty much like eating plastic. First of all, it is an imitation butter spread. Never eat something that is an imitation of something else. It won’t be good for you. The only way to extract vegetable (canola, corn, and canola oil) is through a chemical process. And vegetable oil is not solid at room temperature, so a process called hydrogenation has to take place before margarine comes to be, and that’s how trans fats are born. Trans fats raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries, and basically kill you slowly.These products are usually made to look good with artificial colouring. Artificial. Another word you never want used to describe your food.

White sugar and artificial sweeteners are so bad for you. Regular consumption of refined sugars can lead to Type II Diabetes, slower metabolism, and mood swings. Pilots are rumoured to be warned not to drink Diet Coke before flying because aspartame can cause seizures at high altitudes. Consumption of artificial sweeteners during pregnancy can be linked to mood disorders in babies. And again…there’s that word…artificial.

If I haven’t encourage you yet to give these foods up, just try it. Replace these items with their real counterparts. Eat a little butter now and then instead of using margarine. Honey, maple syrup,agave nectar, and fresh fruit are natural sources of sugar.Your favourite pasta recipe is probably great with roasted spaghetti squash or steamed broccoli instead of noodles. Need something to dip in guacamole and salsa? Cut thicker pieces of sweet pepper and dip away. There are a million ways to enjoy your favourite flavours and eating experiences without the white evils.

Honestly? Giving up the white evils will be hard if you eat these things a lot, because you will experience some withdrawal symptoms. But stick with it, they won’t last long, and the results will be well worth it.  You will feel better, have nicer skin, be in a better mood, and have more energy. You will more than likely lose weight, experience less stomach irritation, and feel less bloated. You will feel refreshed and have a little extra pep in your step. You will feel wonderful. I promise.


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